High Pointe Tree Removals

November 1, 2006 at 5:53 pm Leave a comment

Recently a High Pointe resident contacted HPPIDInfo@aol.com about the removal of the pine trees on New Clark and Wintergreen.   The following is the answer HPPIDInfo@aol,com provided to the resident.

” The short answer is that the removal is a part of HPPID’s continuing effort to enhance the landscape appearance of the common areas in High Pointe.  The removal and subsequent “stumping” will be followed by re-planting with quality hardwoods such as live oaks and cedar elms. The initial re-plantings are scheduled for this fall and will begin with New Clark with a few trees for Straus Road between New Clark and E. Miller.   Wintergreen will follow.  HPPID will be in the tree re-planting business for several years.

You should attend CHPID#1’s Board meetings which are open to the public.  The tree program has been discussed since the PID was started in 1998.  High Pointe’s developer grossly over planted Wintergreen and New Clark with Bradford Pears and pines.  Bradford Pears have a live expectancy of approximately 25 years and have been dying for several years.  HPPID  routinely removes 15 to 25 dead Bradford Pears each year.   Bradford Pears are not on the City’s list of approved trees for re-planting  The pines were not a good choice for High Pointe.  In addition to water consumption, as they have matured the pines and their root systems have caused considerable damage to HPPID maintained irrigation and fences, City maintained sidewalks, and TXU installed street lights. 

HPPIDInfo@aol.commhopes this gives you some insight into HPPID’s continuing efforts to enhance the landscape appearance of High Pointe’s common areas.  Plan to attend HPPID’s next board meeting scheduled for Thursday, November 16, 2006.”

High Pointe Info Online


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